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Our quality selection of luxury vinyl plank flooring is supplied by Shaw Flooring, and it might be just the thing your home needs. If you have considered luxury vinyl plank flooring you’ll be aware that it is known
for its amazing ability to mimic the beauty and texture of natural materials.

Whether you are in love with the regal beauty of a stone floor or swooning at the thought of the centuries-old beauty of wood, the texture and surface of our luxury vinyl plank flooring will blow you away with its authentic look.

The realistic imaging and deep embossing are worth every penny for the graceful style it will lend to your home. Shaw Flooring’s luxury vinyl plank is known to be among the thickest on the market. With the quality of Shaw
Flooring, and the expertise and excellent customer service of Shumate Flooring, where can you go wrong?

There’s a reason we are the flooring experts of Northeastern Texas! Take a look at our gorgeous selection of materials and colors and you’re bound to find something that perfectly matches the vision you have for your home.